November 2020

FCBS CARBON, our lifecycle carbon review tool, is now available to the industry

FCBS CARBON has been designed to estimate the whole life carbon of a building to inform design decisions prior to detailed design. This makes potential carbon impacts clear to the client, architect and the whole design team from the outset of the design process. 

Dr Joe Jack Williams, Associate and Researcher at FCBStudios, led the development of FCBS CARBON. He said: “Understanding the impact arising from our design choices is an essential step for architects and designers if we are to meet the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge commitments and reach net zero carbon emissions. We have developed FCBS CARBON using standardised and benchmarked data to empower the industry to navigate complex design variables without the burden of creating a full bill of materials each time.”

The tool makes an estimate of the operational emissions and embodied emissions of key building elements – materials, finishes sub and super structure - from cradle to grave over a 60-year lifespan and also considers the emissions offsets within a project, attributable to: carbon sequestration; reuse of building elements at end of life; and on-site renewable energy generation.  

The beta version of FCBS CARBON, including full guidance notes, is available to download free.