Budapest South Gate
In Brief

KKBK Kiemelt Kormányzati Beruházások Központja

Budapest, Hungary


Budapest South Gate is the largest masterplan competition in the history of the city. A new 135ha student city is proposed on the River Danube, kickstarting the economic and urban development of South-Pest and North-Csepel through the provision of student housing, a new transport hub, commercial and retail premises, sports facilities and community spaces all set within a City Park.

Accommodation for 12,000 students will be served by the Danubius Transport Hub, bringing rail, bus, tram and metro connections into the area. The high street and public realm are designed with a 'pedestrian first' approach. The new Helix Bridge is to be an emblematic pedestrian bridge across the Danube, linking new facilities to the transport hub and symbolising the multiple strands that come together in South Gate.

Student housing is set out in courtyard clusters, providing accommodation in a range of apartment types: traditional 2-4 bedroom apartments or individual studio accommodation with shared facilities for eating, studying, working and socialising. 

A culture of healthy living is designed into the masterplan proposals. A 15,000-seat stadium, rowing, kayaking and extreme sports facilities will host major sports events and provide support both to the Hungarian elite as well as for recreational sports. A riverside walk, linear park, network of cycling and running routes and a tree-top walkway offer leisure and quiet spaces.

Public space extends right to the water’s edge, integrating existing buildings and creating new, open, sustainable economic uses for them which will serve and enrich the quarter's growing community.

FCBStudios were awarded second place in the competition. 

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"A very accomplished project which was thoughtful, intelligent, and comprehensive. The concept of creating a ‘new genetic code' for Budapest was ambitious, and the project presentation was clearly organised to support this idea."
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