Church Pods
In Brief

The Diocese of Hereford / The Church of England 


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Whilst rural churches continue to be recognised for their worth and beauty, and remain a focal point for local communities, funding is needed to maintain and conserve the buildings. With shrinking rural populations and congregations in Britain's more remote churches, new models for funding are required.

The Church of EnglandThe Diocese of Hereford, and FCBStudios have developed Church Pods, an innovative new model for sustaining historically important places of worship in remote locations.

Church Pods are a sympathetic and reversible structure inserted within the nave of the church, designed to provide self-catering holiday accommodation, whilst retaining public access to the east end as a space for contemplation and prayer. 

Echoing larger pieces of church furniture such as the organ, choir gallery or rood screen the timber pods are inserted into the nave space. Constructed off site in panellised sections, the pods can be inserted with little intervention to provide contained, serviced accommodation within the church.

Rental income is fed back into the conservation of the building fabric, allowing for reuse and repair.

Read architects Fergus Connolly and Charlie Wellingham's 'Explore' article on how this Virtuous Circle can be unlocked.

A pilot project at St Michael’s Church in Dulas has been developed with HLF funding, and received planning permission in 2017.

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